Craig Hosay, Esq.

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If you've commited a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney with the experience in both state and federal courts. Craig Hosay has the seasoned defense attorney experience you need now in this difficult time. Mr. Hosay will bring his vast network of professional experts and investigators to into defending your case. read more »

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Divorce and Family Law

If you are going through a divorce, foresee a custody battle, looking for child or spousal support payments or need protection from threats or assault, you need an experienced attorney. Our office has extensive resources you will want on your side during this often emotional and vulnerable time. Experience and strong professional alliances is what sets Craig Hosay apart. From investigators, divorce mediators to family therapists, our team of experts have worked together for years and know what it takes to get a fair and equitable resolution to these divorce related problems. learn more »

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Personal Injury

If you have ever slipped on ice, snow, water, or other hazardous conditions, or have been struck by falling debris, you have a right to compensation from the property owner, company, business, and even governments for your injury, pain and suffering. read more »

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Employment and Labor Law Issues

Labor Union Member Meeting

If you believe you were fired without just cause or outside of the proper procedures provided in your employment contract, you should contact your union representative.

If you are not represented by a union or your union representative is not able to get justice for you, call Craig Hosay. read more »

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Bio of Craig

Craig Hosay has over 20 years of experience handling criminal personal injury, domestic relations cases, juvenile delinquency, criminal appeals, divorce, custody and support.

Our offices have handled thousands of drug cases, DUIs, robberies, assaults, and the most serious sex cases.